For Providers

The Innovative Health Alliance of New York (IHANY) is a physician-led effort that invites and encourages physicians practicing in our area to get involved and join us in these important efforts. In order to be successful in health care today, and especially tomorrow, we need to work collaboratively in new ways. Clinical integration programs to improve the health of the communities we serve will be pivotal in improving quality, access and coordination of care, while also making health care more efficient and cost-effective. Clinical integration will allow providers and health systems to collaborate to assume risks and to share in savings as health care’s payment landscape evolves.

Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Codes

Clinical Condition Documentation (CCD) focuses on the complete and accurate documentation of our patients’ current and chronic conditions, including assignment of the most specific Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) codes. All HCCs must be documented and coded at least once per year. To establish the presence of a diagnosis during an encounter, providers should validate each diagnosis via MEAT, which represents Monitor, Evaluate, Assess, Treat.

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Telehealth Guidance

Trinity Health offers three guidance resources around the practice of telehealth visits for pediatrics, adult primary care, and OB/GYN. These resources provide information regarding the most appropriate setting for visits, be it by telehealth or office.

These documents are intended for operational and clinical individuals who work with pediatric, adult primary care, and OB/GYN patients, and is being shared for informational purposes only. Providers should use clinical judgment to determine if a patient requires a telehealth or in office visit.